Customer Service: We will ensure exceptional customer experience that meets customer expectation via every, every time and at every touch point of the customer life cycle.

Enquiry Handling: Our inbound call center agents show the highest level of efficiency and attention to details while handling each enquiry.

Direct Response Tele Sales: We handle all the customer calls from direct response marketing and ensure that every call result in sales.

Retention: Our customer retention service not only ensures that your customers stay engaged but also help you turn them into a brand loyalist.

Answering Services: We specialize in proving effective and accurate answering services that go beyond answering calls and conveying the message. From detailed reporting to emergency handling, we do it all at a cost that fits right in your budget.


Lead Generation :  We can generate fresh leads with a high rate of conversion.

Fundraising :  We have a team of skillful agents who ensure success for a fundraising campaign.

Collections and Recovery : We offer collection and recovery services to the organization of every size across Australia.

Cross-Selling and Up selling :  We offer effective cross-selling and up-selling services. These outbound call center services help in the expansion of the client’s market and facilitate growth while boosting the customer satisfaction rate.

Appointment Setting :  This outbound call center function helps you in making appointments, reservations, and service schedules for business deals, transportation, dinners, seats, concerts, special events, seminars, etc., and thereby, simplifies your busy schedule.

Market Research :  From gathering vital information on current market trends, the buying pattern of customers, to researching on your competitors and potential area of growth, we offer extensive research services which help you make an informed decision for your business.


Order Fulfillment :  At KRS Marketing, we offer order fulfillment as part of our back-office service offerings. From receiving an order, processing it and tracking its journey through delivery, we do it all with utmost proficiency.

Account Receivable/Payable :  Our accounts receivable/payable service helps businesses recover their debt faster and in a far more efficient way while not damaging their relationship with their customers. We offer both fixed fee collection and contingency collection.

Billing/Invoicing Support :  We provide superior billing/invoicing support to our clients so that their customers can receive accurate and up-to-date billing information.

Order Tracking :  Our order tracking services offer prompt and accurate information regarding a product’s shipping through delivery, avoiding the frustration of your customers.

Refund Claim Processing :  We offer refund claim processing services as a part of our back-office offering.

Legal Drafting and legal advices :  We have a team of lawyers for legal drafting and legal advices.



  • Touch – point review at the end of each  phase to ensure quality & consistency   Weekly Project Call.
  • Ensures that all implementations are captured in the Project Dashboard.
  • Delivers Process Transitions from the  Client’s site to KRS BPO’s service delivery site with a thorough understanding of the  processes on an “As-Is” basis that would  mirror the Client’s best performance center.
  • Follow a time lined, documented & seamless handover to Operations.