Who We Are!What We DO !

Our core portfolio comprises application development, business process consulting services, garnering potential customers, managing data efficiently, financial and accounting services, back office support as well as professional staffing services. The company was founded on the core values of Transformation, Excellence, Integrity, Care, and Trust. We are providing cost effective global support.


Who We are

KRS BPO provides a broad portfolio of  marketing solutions to its clients worldwide.

Mission & Values

Our moto is to help the businesses is growing by  helping them with different strategies of marketing  using latest technologies.

Our History

We are experienced in providing high quality solutions to clients in  diverse business areas.


SR EDUTECH, is one of the world’s largest, fastest growing companies in online Tutoring Services. We have many brand names thought out world and match the name to product and service we offer in that country. We cater for all subjects and ages whether they in Primary school, High School, Universities or Mature adults, who either want to stay with the time with technologies or upgrade to new job opportunities such as  into coding, software, programming and so on. A major focus is given to countries to their citizen, where there is lack of IT, Software or programming knowledge to local people or lack of local citizens to fill is ever growing job roles. Our Trainers, Tutors and Teachers are sort from around the world for their expertise the field they service or teach. All Staff whether they are teaching our clients, or in back operation looking after documents side of our products and service, are our biggest asset, without their hard work, believe and focus on this project we won’t be here today. We have design our Packages to suit the country of operations, to inner line with labour wages, currently dollar value against other well paying, better off countries. Giving everyone access to same rights to education or been able to grain skills in their interested field regards what’s their background is, colour the skins, gender, age or how deep their pockets is.

SR EDUTECH is an Australian owned company which is part of family own business who operates some well-known and major products and services in joint ventures with many partners for last few decades in Australia and Overseas. All the parties who is involve in this product at senior level, had been part of education or strongly believe what we put in our education, will decide what results we get tomorrow.

SR EDUTECH has started to set a Safe House Program for women and kids against Domestic Violence from each package we sell in the country. Program is not just offer accommodations, it will provide legal help, counselling service to all parties, train the mother in job skills so we can help her to gain employment to support herself and family in their own place. We will still provide ongoing support to them and will also make sure that kids are supported to grain their education.

We like to welcome you as a part of our family weather as a customer, staff directly or our partner channel for our products or supporter for our work which we are providing to each work involved.

Welcome To VED Learning

  • From Kinder garden to University, we are here to help you.
  • Maths, English, Science, History, Hindi, Coding etc.We also offer tuitions for professional courses, competitive and college entrance  exams.
  • We can help you in taking admissions in Australian colleges and Universities.
  • VED offers scholarship programs to deserving students for helping them in their higher education.  *Terms and conditions apply.
  • We are working on a program for women and children to create safe houses for them around the world. A part of our revenue goes towards this  program, making sure that we can help as many women and children against violence.